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Laughing Lichen Wild Canadian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)

Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus), is hand harvested from Laughing Lichen in Canada’s north,  is available for sale in ground,  small chunks, or as a Chaga Chai mix.

Chaga is said to contain significant amounts of antioxidant compounds. The appealing light vanilla flavor and nutty aroma of our Chaga tea will help you clear your head and harness that extra energy you need to finish a hectic day. This wild mushroom can also be blended with other teas and beverages.

  Wild Chaga Mushroom is becoming popular in North America as a super-food. The Wild Chaga from Laughing Lichen is hand harvested by us in an ethical manner from birch trees in Northwestern Canada.   Chaga is available in  small chunks that can be re-used for multiple pots of tea or in ground powder form for those who prefer loose tea bags and a stronger flavor. For an added kick check out our Wild Chaga Chai.


Wild Chaga Mushrooms(Inonotus obliquus) are found in the world’s northern regions. They have a symbiotic relationship with their host trees. Although they grow on birch, alder, and poplar trees, only Chaga harvested from birch are utilized for tea and medicine. Betulin, a compound found in birch bark, has medicinal properties that are known to benefit human health and immune systems. Betulin cannot be broken down and utilized by our bodies if it is harvested directly from the bark of the birch tree. When Chaga develop on birch trees they change the betulin’s chemistry, transforming the compound into a form digestible to humans.  The healing powers of  Wild Chaga have been well documented over the past fifty years.

You only require a small amount of Chaga for tea (1/8th of a cup will make 2 liters of brew!). If you plan on adding the Chaga to your smoothies or hot chocolates, coffees etc, you can use more.

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