Truehope Nascent Iodine Advanced

Product Description
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  • Truehope Nascent Iodine is produced with non-ocean source iodine.
  • Iodine is an element essential for healthy thyroid hormone production and efficient metabolism. Sufficient levels of iodine increase cell absorption of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.
  • Because Truehope produces the world’s most researched micronutrient formula using a 12-step quality production process, you can be confident they use a top-notch process for Nascent Iodine Advanced, too. In fact, they produce Nascent Iodine Advanced using a patented electromagnetic process that combines age-old tradition with leading-edge technology.
  • Their unique production process keeps the iodine magnetically charged and in its atomic form for longer than competing products. This ensures Nascent Iodine Advanced is bio-identical to iodine produced naturally by the thyroid, providing for maximum absorption and utilization.
  • Nascent Iodine Advanced has twice the iodine content per bottle than the leading competitor, as well as twice the dosage per bottle. It’s the most potent and the cleanest iodine formulation in the world.
  • In addition to the benefits outlined above, Nascent Iodine Advanced is a perfect companion to Truehope's flagship product, EMPowerplus Advanced, because it works in improving similar areas of health, including:
  • Increasing IQ levels
  • Increasing cognitive brain function
  • Improving clarity of thought
  • Increasing energy level