Natural Factors L-Theanine 125mg

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This is the ‘feel-good' amino acid found in green tea. Studies show that L-Theanine produces tranquilizing effects in the brain without drowsiness. It calms by helping to increase alpha-brain waves, the electrical brain activity commonly present when you are very relaxed. By diminishing the feeling of stress, worry and anxiety, L-Theanine may actually help with focus, learning and concentration. Single dosages of 200 mg of L-Theanine have been shown effective in studies.

L-Theanine is very safe as attested to by the billions of green tea drinkers over thousands of years. It is estimated that a person who drinks 6 to 8 cups of green tea a day may consume between 200 to 400 mg of L-Theanine. L-Theanine helps us benefit from this relaxing amino acid without having to drink pots of green tea every day.
  • Natural Mood Enhancer.
  • Promotes a natural sense of calm; ideal for anxiety & worry.
  • Does not cause drowsiness.
  • Derived from green, caffeine-free.
  • Combats the effects of too much caffeine such as jitters and agitation.
Medicinal Ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Suntheanine® L-Theanine 125 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:  Rice starch, vegetarian capsule (carbohydrate gum [cellulose], purified water), vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant), silica.
Dosage: 1-2 capsules, 1-2 times daily or as directed by a health professional