Bach Flower Remedy School Anxiety Blend (2 Blends Available)

Product Description


Remedy #1 is specifically for young children having any anxiety, apprehension or fear regarding school.

Remedy #2 is made just for older students who are not only dealing with anxiety apprehension or fear but also making any type of big school transition, whether it be from elementary school to highschool or highschool to university.


In the 1930's Dr. Edward Bach created 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies.  These remedies are plant and flower based formulas that can help manage the emotional demands of everyday life by bringing negative attitudes and feelings back into balance and perspective.  Like other forms of natural medicine these flower remedies take effect by treating the individual, not the disease or the symptom of the disease.  They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned. 

Taking your customized remedy does not suppress negative attitudes but transforms them into positive ones, stimulating your own potential for self-healing and allowing your physical system to focus fully on fighting disease and stress.

You do not have to be physically ill to benefit from a customized remedy.  Many of us go through times of difficulty and fatigue when negativity creeps in.  At these times a customized remedy is invaluable in restoring the balance before physical symptoms appear.


How To Take Your Customized Bach Flower Remedy

Take 4 drops on the tongue a minimum of 4 times a day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night, until relief is obtained.