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Bio-Strath Food Supplements
Proof of efficacy through trials for over 45 years
The natural Bio-Strath products have been manufactured by Bio-Strath AG since 1961 based on the following principles: preservation of the natural quality of the active substances, no addition of artificially produced additives (preservatives, colourings) and proof of efficacy based on rigorous scientific criteria.
The effects in the following fields of indications have been proven in more than 35 publications.
Performance – Concentration
In a double-blind study of 60 healthy volunteers over a period of 12 weeks, the Bio-Strath group achieved an average improvement of 64% as compared with an average improvement of 10% in the control group. The following parameters were measured: concentration, reaction, memory, physical and mental performance efficiency.
In a study of 24 schoolgirls, it was demonstrated that taking Bio-Strath Food Supplement for 3 months resulted in a higher level of performance (better grades) and reduced absence from school.
Attention disorders are occurring increasingly frequently in children today. In a trial of Bio-Strath Food Supplements on 18 children, assessments by a doctor, parents and teachers found significant improvements in over two-thirds of the schoolchildren with respect to impulsive behaviour, attentiveness and concentration. Positive changes in social behaviour at school and at home were also observed.
Bio-Strath Food Supplements strengthen the body during convalescence after surgery or illness. They also normalise body functions (homoeostasis). It was possible to demonstrate in a study with cancer patients that Bio-Strath yields improvements in physical activity, appetite and weight, and also in haemoglobin concentration.
Resistance / Influenza / Colds
Bio-Strath Food Supplements in liquid and tablet form were compared with the flu vaccination and a control population in a prospective field study with 232 participants divided into 4 groups. The two Bio-Strath groups yielded better results in terms of the general state of health, concentration, fatigue, vitality and stress, along with fewer absences from work, than the flu vaccination group and the control group.
Haemoglobin values during pregnancy
An observational study of 31 pregnant women showed that Bio-Strath Food Supplement is able to hold the haemoglobin values of pregnant women at a stable level during pregnancy without the necessity for additional vitamin or iron supplements to be taken. The product improved the women’s general state of health and vitality. Bio-Strath also helps to improve iron uptake from food (catalyst function).
Geriatric problems
In two double-blind trials, a pre-geriatric study of 184 patients and a pre-Alzheimer study of 75 patients, the Bio-Strath groups showed improvements in the following areas within about 3 months: short-term memory, recovery behaviour/circulation stress (ergometer test), fatigue, dizziness, mental alertness, sleep, emotional volatility, apathy.

Each mL contains: Medicinal ingredient: Torula cerevisiae (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) (yeast extract) 6X Non-medicinal ingredient: 1 mL of tincture contains 0.32 mL alcohol (ethanol). 1 mL = 30 drops. Dropper included.
Directions for Use:
Children 1-5 years old: Give 5 drops, 1 to 3 times daily with water before meals. Children 6-11 years old: Give 5-15 drops, 3 times daily with water before meals. Adults and adolescents over 12 years old: Take 15-30 drops, 3 times daily with water before meals.
Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid taking in case of known allergy to any of the ingredients in the product. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen or for prolonged use. Do not use if safety seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children.