About Us

What is Mom's Vitamin Fix and Who is Mom?

Mom has been helping people achieve optimum health for a long long time and wants you to feel as good as you can. From the days when Adele Davis wrote her book " You Are What You Eat", Mom started feeding her kids "Pepup" and roots and herbs from her garden to heal their roots and sores.  Mom's kids had to eat their brown bread sandwiches at the bus stop to avoid the embarrassment of not having white bread like the rest of their school mates. Mom's kids grew up healthy!

One day Mom decided to adopt another child (#7) this baby came from parents who had severe learning difficulties and so did this baby. Mom went back to school and became a homeopath just so she could help her child. Mom still helps out in the stores and is always researching on how to help people get better.

Mom's kids have owned and worked in Health Foods stores for almost 30 years.

Mom's Vitamin Fix is an extension of our brick and mortar stores for those customers that prefer to shop in the comfort of their home or office. We want you to have great products at great prices and hope you love our service as much as we love serving you!  We want this experience to be fun and productive, if it's not please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Mom's Vitamin Fix is staffed by people that love to help others find what they need to be as healthy as possible. We have been working in and operating health food stores for more than a quarter century. We here at Mom's Vitamin Fix believe that what is on the label must be in the bottle, products that you buy should work!

Not only that, but shopping, even online, should be fun and easy and healthy products do not need to be expensive or overpriced. 


Mom believes that by sharing our stories and collective wisdom that we can all learn how to have better health.  Join us in sharing!