Grandiose delusion also known as delusions of grandeur was previously known as paranoid disorder.  It is a type of delusion and is predominant among psychiatric patients.  It can also be a symptom of Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder.  There are degrees of grandiose delusion, some believe to be Gods while some believe to be kings, others could see themselves as being famous or rich, some of them believe they are related to a deity or have some supernatural power.  Researchers have proven that grandeur disorder is more common among the highly educated people and the unmarried.

Grandiose delusion is associated with bipolar disorder, depression, drug abuse, narcissistic personality disorder, schizophrenia and many others.  It could be caused by abnormal brain structure, depression, mental disorder or drug abuse.  Whatever the cause may be, the sufferers of this delusion need our support and love to help them live a better life.

Let’s take a detailed look at what grandiose delusion is all about.


What Is Grandiose Delusion

To have a better understanding of what grandiose delusion is all about let’s briefly define delusion and grandeur.

Delusion simply means to believe or have a strong conviction of something that is not true.

Grandeur is a quality of being very large, popular or magnificent.  For instance, a famous actor might be regarded as being ‘grandiose’ in the field of acting.

Grandiose delusion is a type of delusion that makes someone find it difficult to differentiate between something that is real and his or her imaginations.  The person tends to have a false belief of being famous, powerful, omnipotent or highly placed in the society.  For instance, imagine a poor man that can barely afford his meals, wake up and start having a strong conviction that he is the richest man in the world when it is obvious that he neither has a shelter nor food to eat.  This is exactly what grandiose delusion is all about.

Causes of Delusion of the Grandeur

Researchers have really found it difficult getting a particular cause for this type of delusions.  However it seems to be associated with the brain and certain drugs used and could also be genetic.  Some of the causes of grandiose delusion include:

  1. Gene: Researchers have proven that polymorphisms of the genes, especially those associated with dopamine receptors, can lead to grandeur delusion.
  2. Injuries of the Brain: Grandiose delusions can also be caused by injuries in any part of the brain.  However, injuries around the frontal and temporal lobes have a higher tendency of leading to delusions of grandeur compared to other parts of the brain.
  3. Also abnormalities in the brain structure can also lead to grandiose delusions.
  4. Another major cause of grandiose delusions is drug abuse.  Those that abuse drugs might eventually develop delusions of the grandeur.  There are certain drugs that have the ability of affecting neurotransmitters concentration, and receptor densities.  When these drugs are used for a long term , they might destroy the brain cells and lead to grandiose delusions.
  5. Mental disorder: Psychiatric patients or people that have certain mental disorder stand the chance of having delusions of grandeur.  Researchers have proven that about 59% of people having bipolar disorder experience grandiose delusions.  Also people with paranoid schizophrenia have a higher chance of experiencing this type of delusion.
  6. Depression: Although it might seem unbelievable but depression can also cause grandiose delusions.  People with depressive disorder can, over time, experience grandiose delusions.


Symptoms of Grandiose Delusions

There are symptoms that a person suffering from grandiose delusions is likely to exhibit. A person suffering from delusions of grandeur might not exhibit all the characteristics listed below but will definitely exhibit one or two of them.

  • Grandiose delusion patients have the conviction that they should be recognized by everyone including strangers.
  • They believe that they are more knowledgeable than others.
  • Some of them see themselves as Gods or related to a deity like God.
  • Some of them believe to be powerful especially those whose delusions are related to power.  You could see them having a strong conviction that they are highly placed in the society, president of a country or manager of a firm when obviously they are nowhere close to belonging to that caliber of people.
  • Some of them also believe that they have supernatural powers.  For instance some power based delusions of grandeur might tend to have the conviction that they can change the timing, like cause the night to become day and day to become night.


Nutritional Supplements That Can Be Taken To Aid Problems With Grandiose Delusions

Those suffering from grandiose delusions can be treated medically using mood stabilizers or antipsychotics depending on the causative factor of the delusions.  They could also be hospitalized.

However, there are certain nutritional supplements that can be used to aid the problem of grandiose delusions.

Since delusions of grandeur are associated with the brain, nutrients that assist in the proper functioning of the brain can be used to treat this disorder.

The brain needs a sufficient supply of energy and glucose to function properly, therefore supplements containing nutrients that could help the brain function properly are highly recommended.

Some of the supplements that could be of great help include:

Vitamin B and mineral supplements: Nutrients like vitamin B1 and B2, zinc, manganese, magnesium and pantothenic acids are needed for adequate supply of energy to the brain.  If they are insufficient, it could result to grandiose delusions.

Fish oils: As we have earlier explained, grandiose delusions may be associated with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can result from a higher amount of omega-6 fats and shortage of omega 3- fats.  If this is the case, then fish oil supplements can really be of great help.

Choline supplement is another supplement that could be of great help to grandiose delusions. Choline has been proven to be beneficial to bipolar disease which is a major cause of delusions of grandeur.

Holistic lifestyle Approaches That Can Help

One of the best things that can be done for a person with a delusional disorder is to seek medical attention to determine the causative factor of the delusions.  Once a cause has been identified  it is much easier to choose the proper supplements and lifestyle changes to successfully treat this condition.

A lot of people tend to commit suicide or feel rejected because of delusional disorders, therefore, they need your love and support.  Love and support can never be underestimated in helping a person suffering from delusions of grandeur.  They need this from parents, friends and relatives.  Many people with this disorder can definitely learn to control their delusions, be more independent and live a normal life when these things are put in place.

Psychotherapy is also of great benefit to someone suffering from grandiose delusions.  It can help them feel secure in their day to day life and learn what is real and what is a delusion.



Grandiose delusion is a specific type of delusion and is associated with the brain. Sufferers of this disorder can however live a better live by using the various means explained in this article.  It is important to know the causative agent of the grandiose delusions in order to know the right approach to help the problem.  No matter the cause, psychotherapy, a place of love and support and a sense of belonging should not be neglected and can be of the greatest benefit.

Grandiose Delusions

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