Bipolar illness is a brain disorder that is typically characterized by alternating times of highs and lows.  The Bipolar person can at times think they are invincible, and elated and fun to be around to one where they feel overwhelmed, depressive, lose interest in all around them and may become very pessimistic and even suicidal.

These highs and lows are difficult to manage by the person who has the illness as well as their family and friends surrounding them.  In order for family to understand the issues, much research and work with a practitioner often needs to take place.  Part of the issue with Bipolar illness is the fact that many of the psychotic medication used to treat the disease has limited effectiveness, serious side effects and often a lack of compliance by patients. 

There is some research to suggest that Bipolar disorder can be hereditary in nature and siblings and children of someone with bipolar disorder may be more likely to be diagnosed with it than others in the general population.  David Stephan in a talk given to the staff of MomsVitaminFix told us of the story of his family who suffered from Bipolar disorder.  His grandfather, and mother had died as a result of suicide after suffering from Bipolar disorder and at least two of his siblings had severe Bipolar illness.  As a result Anthony Stephan, David's father worked with nutritional supplements to enable his family to live mentally balanced lives.  His solution was the Truehope EMP product.  The family story is available in the book Promise of Hope.

Besides Truehope EMP, which our customers have had tremendous success with, other products that have been helpful in treating Bipolar disorders include:

  • Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, which may help with the mania.
  • Magnesium, taken at 320 mg per day has been shown to work in some people as a mood stabilizer.
  • L-Tryptophan, when eliminated from the diet of people with Bipolar has been shown to induce a state of depressiveness.
  • B Vitamins such as phosphatidyl Choline and Folic acid have also been shown to make a difference in some people with Bipolar issues.

Having seen great results with our customers over the years we believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that Bipolar disorder can be helped with nutritional supplementation


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