Asperger syndrome also known as Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism is a developmental disorder often referred to as a milder form of Autism by some people.  It was first diagnosed in 1944 by a Viennese doctor named Hans Asperger but was named officially in 1992.

Children with Asperger syndrome show almost the same symptoms as with autistic children but in a less severe way and they do not have problems with language skills which is predominant among autistic children.  They might have great interest in certain subjects in school while the rest becomes difficult for them to understand.  They have poor coordination and speak in awkward ways.


What Is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is a pervasive development disorder that is associated with delay in development of basic skills, especially social life and communication.  It is a form of autistic disorder.  Children with Asperger syndrome are higher functioning than those with autistic disorder. They have hidden disabilities which can often be frustrating to parents. They have lots of visible strengths that will leave people amazed but have issues dealing with some hidden disabilities. They have difficulties with their social and communication skills which often leads to low self-esteem in school because of abuse from other children.

You can imagine the number of people you meet every day and the amount of communication done on a daily basis and how difficult it would be for someone suffering from Asperger’s to have to communicate that much.  They have difficulty in understanding what people actually mean. They often find it difficult understanding idioms and adages and in most cases appear awkward or unsociable.

Most of them are loners as they find it difficult interacting with the people they are around. Another challenging thing about Asperger syndrome is that the symptoms might be so hidden that only close friends and family or practitioners will be able to recognize those symptoms.  Also people with Asperger syndrome do not show mental retardation and as such often do not get the needed support and love from family members, society and friends.


Causes of Asperger syndrome

The actual cause of Asperger Syndrome is yet to be known although there are certain factors that are proven to increase the chances of developing Asperger syndrome.

  1. Asperger syndrome is proven to be genetic and runs in the family.
  2. Environmental and biological factors like eating foods containing wheat or dairy products, vaccinations and digestive problems can also lead to Asperger syndrome.  Some people believe that candida in the guts can lead to Asperger syndrome although it has not been proven scientifically.


Symptoms of Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrome is mostly discovered among children between the ages of 2-4 years. The symptoms associated with Asperger syndrome differ from child to child but the symptoms listed below are some of the most common ones seen with Asperger’s.

  • Difficulty in socializing
  • Most Asperger disorder sufferers find it difficult changing their routine.
  • They speak in a more matured way than their age and have no tones in their speech
  • Coordination problems
  • Difficulty in writing skills and some skills that require balance.


Diagnosis of Asperger syndrome

It is best to diagnose Asperger syndrome as early as possible for better control and treatment.  If you notice most of the above listed symptoms in your child, you need to visit your doctor to carry out a number of tests including IQ, speech and social skill tests to ascertain the possibility of this disorder.


Natural Supplements To Aid Asperger’s

There are a number of natural supplements that can help control Asperger syndrome aside from medical treatment.  Researchers have proven that the best way to treat Asperger syndrome is the use of physical therapies, therapeutic methods, natural and nutritional supplements and balanced diet.  Since sufferers of Asperger’s have abnormalities in their brain structure it becomes important to take nutritional supplements to avoid deficiencies of certain nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the brain cells.


Some important nutrients include:

Omega-3 fats: The functionality of the brain can be improved with omega-3 fat.  It helps the brain to communicate better with the body and reduce drastically the awkward behaviour associated with Asperger syndrome.

Vitamin supplements: The importance of vitamins for the normal functioning of the body cannot be overemphasized. Vitamins help in improve brain function, reduces depression and improve behavioural life.

Asperger syndrome is associated with deficiencies in vitamin B6 and C and as such requires supplements of these vitamins together with other vitamins to control it.

Researchers have proven that one of the natural ways of controlling Asperger syndrome is with the use of apple cider vinegar.  

Also children with Asperger syndrome are known to having gastrointestinal issues like constipation. Their system finds it difficult breaking down proteins from certain foods like wheat and dairy products.  The best way to tackle this is to gradually eliminate wheat or dairy products and implement a  gluten and casein free diet.

Herbs like chamomile and melissa also help to reduce Asperger syndrome in kids. They are effective for children that are irritable and intolerant.

It is also advisable to reduce the intake of artificial ingredients, chemicals and sugar in foods, increase the intake of vegetables and eat a healthy and balanced diet.


Holistic Lifestyle for Asperger’s

It can be difficult and frustrating for parents of children with Asperger syndrome to have a calm controlled life.  You need the help of teachers, doctors, counsellors, friends and relatives to help your child find balance in their life and thrive.

Parents should ensure they give their child a balanced diet and provide them with the above mentioned supplements to help boost their systems.

They also need special love and attention to live a happy, successful life.

In addition, you can employ psychotherapy and special education for them as they might not cope well with a normal education system and it is also useful to provide them with social skills training.

When all of these different therapies are employed, you will notice a marked improvement in life of your child suffering from Asperger syndrome.

Asperger Syndrome

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