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Are vitamins helping eye problems after weight-loss surgery? 1

A new study suggests that weight-loss surgery patients who don't take prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements could put themselves at risk for vision problems.

The study authors found that nutrient deficiencies after weight-loss surgery can lead to a wide range of eye conditions. They include night blindness, ulcers, scarring of and changed to the cornea, involuntary eye movements, paralysis of the eye muscles and dry eyes.

They found that vitamin A deficiency was most strongly linked to eye problems after weight-loss surgery.

"The real prevalence of these complications is unknown but the rarity of clinical reports that link the nutrient deficiency with eye-related complications could also mean that no one is looking for such problems", said author Rui Ribeiro in the news release. (Obesity Surgery, news released, Dec 1, 2014, Source)