Brad King says You Can Speed Your Metabolism in 4 Minutes of Excercise 1

The other day I had the pleasure of interviewing Brad King on the Health First Radio Show. We were talking about Brad's latest book "Dirty Diets". In this book Brad tells about how dieting is making us fatter and what we can do to turn our bodies in to fat burning systems. Brad suggests that many of us are craving foods that are making us fat. We need to learn how to stop the cravings and in the book Brad tells you how exactly you can do it.  One of the ways is by getting more sleep. You could try something like Ultimate Sleep.   Another is by getting your hormones in line.

Want to speed your metabolism? Brad says that the average person can turn their body into a fat burning machine by working out for only 4 minutes a few times a day.  Four minutes I said... that doesn't seem like enough. According to Brad, new research is showing that by doing aerobic exercise for 4 minutes you can get your body to burn fat for hours.  When it takes 20 minutes just to get to the gym, I am sure that I can find a few 4 minute time spots during the day when I can ramp up my metabolism... how about you!


Eating Meals with your Family Can help Youth Remain Skinny 0

Having dinner together with your family might help kids from becoming fat a new study has shown.  The research found that kids of normal weight were more likely to eat meals with their family in a positive caring environment. 

The researchers also found that if the dinner table was more chaotic overall, or that the family didn't eat together,  there was a greater chance that the kids would be overweight.  The study was done at the University of Minnesota. In addition it found that if you eat while watching TV or other devices your kids might also be heavier.

Have a positive healthy dinner table environment and you will generally have healthier kids!

The findings were published online Oct. 13 in the journal Pediatrics.

Does Eating and Watching TV make You Fat? 1

Watching action packed shows can make you gain weight faster than watching talk shows a new study found.


The study from Cornell University found that people eat much more snack food while watching action films and programs than something less exciting like Charlie Rose for example
The researchers found that them more distracting the movie the more people ate.

The study included 94 undergraduate students who were provided with M&Ms, cookies, carrots and grapes while they watched 20 minutes of television. One-third of the participants watched a segment of the action movie "The Island" while another third watched the Charlie Rose show, and the final third watched the same segment of "The Island" without sound.

"People who were watching 'The Island' ate almost twice as many snacks -- 98 percent more than those watching the talk show," study co-author Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, said in the news release.

Participants who watched the action movie also consumed more calories -- 354 calories with sound and 314 without sound -- than those who watched the interviewer Charlie Rose (215 calories).

The study was published Sept. 1 in the journal JAMA: Internal Medicine.

Weight Loss 0

"I was having trouble losing belly fat even though I was exercising and eating right.  I started taking Ultimate Male Energy and after a month I already notice the difference.  I am now trying it combined with Ultimate Libido."