What helps Arthritis Pain 0

Recently on the Health First Radio Show, I did an interview with Dr Gladman of the University of Toronto. Dr Gladman is a rheumatologist and teaches medicine at the University.  During the interview Dr Gladman explained that there are generally two classifications of arthritis although there are over 200 known forms.  The two types of arthritis are 

A) Inflammatory which is either the result of Genetics, Immunological, or Environmental including rhubella or its vaccine

B) Mechanical arthritis which is usually from overuse either in  work or sports . Dr Gladman said that Baseball players typically get arthritis in their shoulders while Construction workers get arthritis in the joints of their hands. 

Over the years we have had a variety of products that have given relief to our customers. These include Joints First which helps with inflammation and osteo arthritis.  Glucosamine and chondroitin can work if people are taking the right doses.  In clinical studies the dosage that worked in helping people with joint problems and arthritis was 2000-4000 mg per day.  Also we have had people notice significant results with the products Recovery and Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is especially useful for backpain and best taken on an empty stomach as it breaks down food as well as inflammations.  Finally we have also had people get results with plant sterols such as ImmunoFirst.

Herbs such as Tumeric or curcumin, White Willow, and Devils Claw have also given relief to our customers over the years.

We would love to hear from you . What have you tried and what has worked for your arthritis pain/