Woman Said that Neo40 helped her Macular degeration 0

We had a customer buy a large amount of Neo 40 from us recently and told us that the reasons she was buying so much was that she had been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and that her doctor told her that she was going to have to get injections in her eye monthly.  She had heard about Neo40 increasing circulation to the extremities and decided to try it for her eye.  She started in November and within a few weeks had noticed a significant improvement in her vision. She wasn't sure at first if it was placebo so continued and had now totally stopped her injections and improved her vision!

We have had considerable testimonials from our customers regarding the Neo40 for energy, libido and circulatory issues.

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Neo 40 Helps Energy and Circulation 0

Recently  we had a man come in because both his neighbors on either side were using Neo 40 and experiencing incredible energy.  His neighbors in their 80's had told him how much more active they were after taking the product and how they were now able to do their chores.

Another one of our customers came in to tell us that she had bought Neo 40 from us and noticed that her feet that had previously little circulation were starting to feel better.  In fact she was amazed because she started having feeling on the bottom of her feet which she hadn't had for quite awhile. 

Neo 40 is one of those products that we keep hearing about from our customers because it really seems to work. Especially for older people who are looking for something to help with circulation and energy