3 Reasons Why Christmas is Stressful- And What you can do about it


Christmas is stressful for many people and Mom has compiled a list of reasons and some of the things you can do about it.

1. Family - Family can be stressful but there is not much you can do about it except go to see a counselor or perhaps skip Christmas dinner.  Other than that Truehope EMP offers a solution to help calm you down... but the good thing is that after Christmas many of your family will not want to get together until next year at the same time....

2. Money - Yup you almost always have to spend more money during the holidays... gifts, travel, food.. all those things cost money and this can be stressful - perhaps this is the year that you need to say that you are staying home and just going to send out Christmas cards! What's the worst that could happen?  True you might not get invited to your family Christmas dinner next year but would that be so bad?

3. Sugar - Well most people like sugar but they don't like what it does to them. Makes them fat, drives up cholesterol, runs down the immune system, makes you think and sleep less!  Solution - do your detox before Christmas and see what happens... you will stop your cravings and have a reason why you can't eat cookies and Christmas cake.



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