What Happens to Men when Testosterone Levels Drop


Testosterone has an effect on Blood Fat levels, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Control, Bone density and Gut fat, according to Brad King.  Brad is the best selling author of Beer Belly Blues and more recently Dirty Diets.  Men whose levels of testosterone are low can experience, moodiness, depression, erectile dysfunction and a host of other related problems.

Brad suggests that if you want to increase your testosterone levels that getting better sleep, reducing stress, eating the right fat. Supplementing your diet with Branch Chain Amino Acids that are found in certain foods and protein.  Nutritional supplements such as Ultimate Energy and Ultimate Libido can make a huge difference in how your energy levels are, how you feel and ultimately how you look.  When you increase your testosterone levels your belly fat falls away, your energy and sense of well being and vitality increase and erectile dysfunction problems are greatly reduce.


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