Helping Your Stomach might reduce your pain!

Recently holistic pharmacist Rosemarie Pierce  was telling me that there are some excellent ways to improve your gut health. Rosemarie said that her research was showing that by improving gut health there was a good chance you could reduce your pain.  Research has shown that enzymes like Serraforce or serrapeptase when taken on an empty stomach start working on dead proteins that cause inflammation. As a result many people have seen an improvement and significant reduction in pain associated with injuries. In one study there was an 80% increase in penetration into lung tissue and therefore a reduction of lung problems as a result of taking enzymes.  At Momsvitaminfix we regularly hear from customers who have reduced chronic backpain and other long term pain after using Serraforce and Serrpeptase especially on an empty stomach. Tell us your healing story we would love to hear it

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  • Dave Fuller
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  • Portgas

    No such thing as a fat burning gel, cream, pill, etc. They don’t exist. Don’t litsen to anyone that says they do. The only way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and/or exercise. That’s it.

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