Meditation to improve your Health and Wellbeing


If you have between 5 -  20 minutes a day where you can take time to slow down concentrate on your breathing, walking or writing, you can improve your health, boost your immune system and find better happiness and focus in your life says author Charles Francis.

Mr Francis, an expert in meditation and owner of was recently my guest on the Health First Radio show where he talked about his book Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple. Your Guide to finding inner Peace.  As we talked Charles Francis spoke about the need for us in this present day to put away our communication devices and slow down our thoughts, our breathing and our mind.


 Mr Francis said that it is best to be starting with 5 minutes per day where you just sit comfortably and count your breathing.  Count each breath 1-5 and then start at 1 again. Focus on the air coming in and out of your body.

According to a considerable amount of research meditation can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, slow the aging process and improve the immune system.   Perhaps you should  start your 5 minutes a day and see what happens.

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  • Dave Fuller
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