Heart Issues These can Help!!!


According to Dr Jonathan Beatty you can really improve your heart health by taking care of it.  Regular exercise and diet are what everyone is telling you about and Dr Beatty is no different.... or is he.  Dr Beatty stresses that we don't want to overexercise and hurt our heart and this is what some elite athletes are doing. "There has to be a balance or else we are damaging our bodies".  Also people need to help their heart with supplements like Fish oil - which are health fats that reduce inflammation in our hearts. Sytrinol which helps reduce cholesterol without the effects of cholesterol lowering medications that can really hurt us.  Dr Beatty also suggests that people regularly use serrapeptase which reduces inflammation in the heart and other parts of the body.

Dr Beatty also is a big fan of magnesium, and Vitamin K, and CoQ10 and maybe he should be too!

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  • Dave Fuller
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  • Indian

    Wow! Great to find a post knnoikcg my socks off!

  • thomas  dunleavey
    thomas dunleavey

    I agree with dr beatty I have heart problems and I take those mentioned vitamins after much research I have restless leg syndrome tablets DR gave me fot it is useless upon research I discovered magnesium is very good for restless leg syndrome just thought I would mention this

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