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Indigestion - 2 cups of ginger tea after eating to stimulate saliva and settle your stomach

Gas - Fennel seeds can help prevent gas formation and helps expel it when it does form.

Sleep - Mantram - practice of repeating certain syllables, words or phrases over and over in the mind.

Oily Skin - Use calendula, known as pot marigold or tea bags. Simmer calendula flowers in water, strain the liquid, cool it and apply it with a washcloth or cotton ball.

Gout - Avoid red meat and alcohol - both contribute to gout. In addition to the medications your Doctor will prescribe to try prevent the formation of crystals, try eating some tart cherries. About 20 per day may help with prevention. 


The Dr Oz. Show - Dr. Weil's Pill - Free Solutions, 22/10/14

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  • Dave Fuller
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