Brad King says You Can Speed Your Metabolism in 4 Minutes of Excercise


The other day I had the pleasure of interviewing Brad King on the Health First Radio Show. We were talking about Brad's latest book "Dirty Diets". In this book Brad tells about how dieting is making us fatter and what we can do to turn our bodies in to fat burning systems. Brad suggests that many of us are craving foods that are making us fat. We need to learn how to stop the cravings and in the book Brad tells you how exactly you can do it.  One of the ways is by getting more sleep. You could try something like Ultimate Sleep.   Another is by getting your hormones in line.

Want to speed your metabolism? Brad says that the average person can turn their body into a fat burning machine by working out for only 4 minutes a few times a day.  Four minutes I said... that doesn't seem like enough. According to Brad, new research is showing that by doing aerobic exercise for 4 minutes you can get your body to burn fat for hours.  When it takes 20 minutes just to get to the gym, I am sure that I can find a few 4 minute time spots during the day when I can ramp up my metabolism... how about you!


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  • Dave Fuller
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  • Djole

    I concur, Mo! Eating small, more frueeqnt meals really can make a world of difference. Certainly, we can fail in this quest, especially with the pace of life today, but I strive to do the same. If we eat more frueeqntly, the body seems to function at a more optimal level, thereby maintain weight and body fat control!

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