Truehope EMP Helps Another Customer In Trouble


One of our customers recently came and told us this story about her son. 

He came home to her house and was having a psychotic episode.  He was seeing things and as his mother said was really Crazy.  With no other option to protect her son she had him hospitalized for 9 days where he was put on anti-psychotic, anti anxiety, and anti depressant medication.

When he returned home from the hospital he was not like himself.  The lady had her son take 4 Amino acids and 3 EMP morning and night.  Now 3 months later, the son is off all his pharmaceutical medication. He continues to take his EMP and Amino acids and has gone back to WORK!!!  He says he is still feeling a little down and doesn't always want to talk to people but is way better than he was. Thank you  Truehope!.


If you want more information on EMP here is a video about the product.


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  • Dave Fuller
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