EMP for Anxiety

"My dad makes his living driving tractor trailers back and forth from our home town to a town 3 hours away. We live in a place where, in the winter, there is at least 3 feet of snow and there are often blizzards during the majority of the winter months. My dad had such bad anxiety linked to the stress of driving back and forth in terrible conditions that it was hard for him to get up in the morning. Not only that, but he was very irritable and starting showing signs of seasonal depression. He didn’t want to go on prescription anti depressants or anti anxiety medications so we tried putting him on EMP. We heard about it through the store that I worked in and it had results that we could have never hoped for. EMP has made it so my dad can get through the winter months and look ahead to the sunny times of summer." A.H.

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  • Dave Fuller
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  • Aleksandr

    was positive. They came up with no cecanr present. So my doctor was very adamant that he was not wrong and so I went back to the hospital two months later and they did their own biopsy which came back negative. In fact they were surprised that my Urologist even did a biopsy on a PSA that was only 2.0 and that had increased one point in a year based on my family doctor’s information. Here are some original mistakes to watch out for all of you who may experieince this: my family doctor who said my PSA went up one point in a year had both readings done by different labs, not good, and then when my Urologist decided to do a biopsy based on that information without doing his own PSA test to confirm. Clearly I should have been smarter and seen that error. But then there is so much money to be made from biopsies and radical surgery Urologists will guide you straight down that road. This was all a year and a half ago and my PSA continues to decline now to almost 1.0 which I check every thre months.

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