Blood Pressure lowered

"A couple years ago my wife was pregnant and I went into the midwife to support her for the visit… The midwife proceeded to take her blood pressure which of course was good.  I then asked if she would take mine… it was high 155 over 90  she suggested that I better go in and see my doctor. I thought better of it and decided to do a little research. I found out that you can lower blood pressure with fish oils, celery seed… eating celery can work, hawthorn berries and also meditation can lower BP but then I stumbled upon apple cider vinegar. I decided because it was the cheapest I would try that. I read a couple online blogs that suggested 1 tbs 3 times per day and started . Sure enough within 5 days my blood pressure was down in the 125-130/ 90 range…boy I was happy … and yes the baby was eventually born healthy and happy too!"

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  • Dave Fuller
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